“When we have exciting gig poster opportunities on the horizon and we need professionally illustrated artwork that nails its intended purpose with the wide variety of bands we work with, Dave Berns has become our go-to guy. Everything has been perfect and we plan on collaborating with Dave and his skills for as long as possible.”
- Ian Rowan, Owner, Iron Forge Press

“Dave is always a pleasure to work with. A person who is not only talented at his craft, but also in the way he interprets needs (however vague) and delivers “on point” creative. I am happy to have had the opportunity to work with him.”
- Ron Drenning, CMO, Progressive Impressions International

“Dave Berns is an outstanding artist and a damn fine art director. Whatever project I work on, he’s always the first guy I call. And he never lets me down.”
- Barry Dutter, Writer-at-Large, formerly Editor-in-Chief, Cracked Magazine, formerly Executive Editor, Weekly World News, formerly Editor, Marvel Comics, Topps Comics

“Nfuse has worked with Dave for several years and considers his talents exceptional.”
- Jay Freedman, President, Nfuse Innovative Marketing

“Don’t let the laid back, über-hip, coffee house persona fool you — when it comes to illustration, art direction and client expectations, this man is all business. Talented, sharp, and driven, I’ve seen him excel again and again. Dave is a pro.”
- Will Walters, Certified Professional Coach, formerly Creative Resource Manager, First Marketing

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