See Ya Later RJ Gator!

RJ Gators Mascot Rebranding Illustration

When the RJ Gators restaurant franchise came to The Creative Underground looking to have their branding updated and overhauled, they knew exactly who to call to nail the Mascot redesign, namely, me, Dave Berns, Cartoonist Extraordinaire. Unfortunately, they did not know how much the rest of the restaurant franchise’s business was in need of an overhaul, more specifically its accounting department. This project was caught in RJ Gators’ bankruptcy limbo, when they went belly up a few years back (no warning of such possibilities when they tapped TCU to rebrand). It’s a shame our rebranding efforts didn’t get a head start on their going bust, as it was coming together quickly and quite nicely and would have given the chain a new level of unsophisticated sophistication. Taking their franchise’s look from a 9-restaurant county-wide (not-so permanent) institution to an international franchise-worthy operation. C’est La Vie!

Created in Adobe Photoshop with a Wacom Intous4.

The Original RJ Mascot design. Not bad, but the style was dated and the overall look not quite slick enough.


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