Weekly World News (Writing)

Junkyard Dog Eats Car To Survive!

I was a regular contributor to the Weekly World News for a few years in the early to mid 2000′s, creating quite a bit of design, writing, photography and illustration for the publication. These are the half-dozen feature articles I authored at the tabloid. Most of them under my pen name “Bernie Soul”, with the exception of one article which I used a different pen name to signify an extreme editorial alteration of my work (the core story idea still survived, but it was stripped of much of the humor). While working on the Weekly World News, I also brainstormed countless ideas, many of which were passed off to other writers to create stories based on, authored many uncredited sidebars, wrote most of the headlines and captions to the pages I worked on and re-wrote (punched-up) many of the stories that came across my desk. Writing was never my primary function there, but I proved to be quite capable at it. Read on, you’ll agree…

Boogers Turn Me On!

Murdered Rappers' Fued Continues In The Afterlife — Claims Psychic!

Man Eating Fish Spotted In Florida Lake!

Sexy Cop Causes Crime Rate To Skyrocket — Because Every Guy Wants To Get Busted By Her!

Don't Call Us Freaks — Say Deformed Rockers


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