When Irish Eyes Are Smiling (off-frame)

Flogging Molly Gig (Jig) Poster

Flogging Molly (Jig) Gig Poster published by Iron Forge Press

Limited Edition Silk-screened Gig Poster printed in fluorescent inks created in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator with a Wacom Intous4.

Silk-screened Prints available soon here, created for Iron Forge Press and Hot Damn! Arts.

The evolution of a jig… Initially I had a more dramatic leg lift going on in this illustration, but the concept remained from sketch-to-finish.

Pencil Rough for Flogging Molly Gig Poster

The pose was following suit of a few reference photos I’d found of women dancing a jig, but once it got to a tighter pencil stage, I wasn’t digging it as much as I thought I should.

Pencil (digital) drawing for Flogging Molly Gig Poster

After watching a few more reference videos of jig dancing, I toned the pose down a bit with more subtle foot movements.

Ink (digital) drawing for Flogging Molly Gig Poster

From the Iron Forge

Detail shots of the printed poster. It looks so good!


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