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NOFX/Bouncing Souls Gig Poster

NOFX/Bouncing Souls Gig Poster published by Iron Forge Press

Limited Edition Silk-screened Gig Poster printed in fluorescent inks created in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator with a Wacom Intous4.

Silk-screened Prints available here, created for Iron Forge Press and Hot Damn! Arts.

On the drying rack at Iron Forge

NOFX Gig Posters by Dave Berns, Hot off the (Iron Forge) Press!



  1. this is fucking awesome sir berns! LOVIN’ IT!

  2. Chad Cooke

    Where do I get one?

    • I’m picking up my share of the printed pieces in a couple of hours and will update this page with a link for ordering information over the weekend. The band may or may not have them for sale as merch, and if they do, no telling how long they’ll last, as they are extremely limited print runs.

  3. Chad Cooke

    cool, let me know!!!

  4. Chad Cooke

    are they for sale yet Dave? i wnt one!

  5. Joe Paul

    This seriously kicks ass!

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