Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda, a Doug Stanhope Poster Illustration

Stanhope Poster Comp

I’m not in the habit of doing creative works on spec, and this is an example of why. I’m a huge fan of Doug Stanhope‘s standup, and hoped to have this cartoon illustration, worked up from a practice sketch I’d done while listening to his youtubes, of him see print as a Gig Poster for his 2010 tour date down this way, but alas, the deal did not come to pass. Still, it’s a great drawing of a great comic, so I’m sharing it, despite the pain (and lack of funds) it’s brought me. Heh.

Created in Photoshop with a Wacom Intous4 based on a scanned sketchbook drawing.



  1. Hey man,

    I’m a big fan of Doug Stanhope and really like that poster illustration you made. I’m wondering if you are selling copies of the poster because I’m interested in buying one if its somehow available.


    • Thanks, Patrick… I sent you an email w/ further details… I did print a pair of test prints of this with my giclee printer, but it never saw “official” print as a full run of event posters, so that’s all there is. I can sell you one of the test prints. A few months ago, I had the honor of creating a new Stanhope image that’s, imo, even more awesome… It was screen printed & sold out at the merch table after the show pretty quickly. I have my artists proof stack of them for sale from the run at the hotdamnarts.com website… http://hotdamnarts.com/wordpress/?p=696

  2. wow, this is a sick poster. great work! i would also like to buy a test print if possible, this would be an awesome addition to my collection of stand up posters. lemme know, thanks.

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