A New Kind of Hero…

Dial 'N' For Negress Poster Art

I was honored to create this poster art for the critically acclaimed (with good reason) limited run Off-Broadway musical Dial ‘N’ For Negress and flattered by the response it got from the players involved, fans who attended and passersby of the theater (some of whom, based on the impact of the poster I created, became fans who attended).

Illustrated in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator with a Wacom Intous4. Giclee prints available here.

Here’s how it was finally revised for the massive theater frames.

About the play

Its 1974 in Soulsville, USA. An apathetic community lives from fix to fix, and pimps, thugs and crooked cops rule the streets. Fresh from jail, the Negress arrives home and has to choose: turn away from the corrosive street life of Soulsville or accept his destiny as the unlikely hero of the community?
Outrageous, hilarious, inspiring and driven with kinetic song and dance, DIAL ‘N’ FOR NEGRESS features an original 16-song funk “blaxploitation” score, including “Pimp Knowledge,” “Break That Negress,” “Dig It (Can You?),” and “Walk On (Ah’m a Negress Man).”

Book & Lyrics by Travis Kramer
Music by Tom Oster & Kevin Smith Kirkwood
Original Concept by Kevin Smith Kirkwood & Travis Kramer
Choreography by Jennifer L. Mudge

Produced & Directed by Jake Hirzel

Cast: Pilin Anice, Tamala Baldwin, J. Cameron Barnett, James Solomon Benn, Katie Boren, Jimmy Brooks, Jr, Bree Daniels, Kevin Smith Kirkwood, James LaRosa, Emily McNamara, Eric Roediger, and Julius Thomas II


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