A Tale of Two Termites

The above image, featuring gnarly cartoon termites relaxing after gorging on a poor, unsuspecting suburban dwelling was created for a Florida-based Pest Control Company to use in the signage on their truck fleet. Try to find a better, more iconic cartoon termite out there… it’s not going to happen. When a Canadian environmental charity needed a similar cartoon for an editorial illustration they came across my Pest Control termites and wanted to license it. This wasn’t doable, as that illustration was work-for-hire, and the company owned it now. I was able to create a new illustration, though, and the below version of my termites belongs to me, so if you’ve found this post by following a similar search, give me a shout, I’m willing to license it to you too.

Both Illustrations created in Adobe Photoshop with a Wacom Intous4.


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